The MBW-100: Cell Phone + Watch Technology Married

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In the versatile world of digital equipment, it's always out with the old and in with the new. And of course, this is especially true with cell phone technology. Recently, mobile communications giant Sony Ericsson teamed up with Fossil, Inc. to develop the MBW-100: a specialized wrist watch that interacts with Bluetooth-friendly cell phones.

For those who are not familiar with Bluetooth technology, it is simply a way to exchange information between devices, wirelessly. For example: the most commonly used Bluetooth device today is the Bluetooth headphone set, used by many people with their cell phones.

The MBW-100 displays not only the time and date, but also interacts with your cell phone to display caller ID. Thus, it prevents the hassle of locating your cell just to see who's calling. The new Sony Ericsson Bluetooth watch also has a feature that allows you to control your phone's music player right from your wrist. The watch is also compatible with Bluetooth headsets. (Source: The watch also vibrates when there is an incoming call and with one simple press of a button, you can either take the call or send it to your voicemail. (Source:

This is certainly not the first watch of its kind, as there have been previous Bluetooth timepiece models from companies such as Citizen and Seiko. But as would be expected of the mobile communications giant, Sony Ericsson, the MBW-100 is much sleeker in comparison to previous models. (Source:

Due out by the end of October under Fossil's "Mobile Wear by Abacus" brand and also a Sony Ericsson-branded version, the MBW-100 will cost somewhere between the range of $200 and $250. Fossil's previous attempts to include high-tech features in their watches failed; however, there is sentiment among critics that the new MBW-100 will be a success. (Source:

Some reviews of the new gadget consider it "mildly useful," but vastly improvement in its looks. (Source: So, should this Bluetooth timepiece be considered a must-have gizmo of the year or should it only be recommended if you need a new watch and hate digging your pants for your cell? Either way, it is a handy little device to have and provides for more hands-free communication.

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