Tutorialicious: Online Tutorials Aggregator

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If you've ever tried to learn some programming or Photoshop on your own, you know that you've spent many an hour googling what it is you're trying to do.

But now comes tutorialicious, an online tutorial aggregator that groups together the best programming, design and Photoshop tutorials on the web.

With tutorialicious, you can isolate just one type of tutorial category (e.g. AJAX) by clicking its link to filter the view, or you can view all of them grouped together.

There is also a link to submit a tutorial, so if you know of any (or if you have written any!), you can contribute them to the site.

Currently, there aren't a massive amount of tutorials listed, but the ones that are there are very useful. I'm definitely bookmarking this site to see what comes of it later on.


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