Customize a Toolbar with Readymade Buttons: MS Word

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You can add buttons for existing commands to your toolbar using the steps below.

  1. Click the More Buttons button on the toolbar where you want to add a new button. This appears on the right edge of a docked toolbar (a toolbar that appears along the edge of the window), or on the top-left corner of a floating toolbar (a toolbar that appears on top of the document, that has its own title bar and close button).
  2. Click Add or Remove buttons. Word offers buttons from which you can choose that appear on the toolbar.
  3. Click the buttons you want to add or remove.

A new button now appears on the toolbar or an existing button is removed.

You can also add a button to a toolbar using either of the methods below:

  • Right-click a toolbar and choose Customize from the shortcut menu.
  • Choose View | Toolbars and click Customize.

My next article will tell you even more about toolbars!

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