Create a Toolbar Button for Any Action: MS Word

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I bet you didn't know that you could have a button for any command or macro did you?

Well the good news is that you can! Follow the steps below to create one!

  1. Choose View | Toolbars | Customize and select the Toolbars tab.
  2. Click to place a check next to the name of the toolbar to make certain the toolbar is currently on the screen.
  3. Click the Commands tab.
  4. Under Categories, choose the one containing the command you want, or Macro for a macro you created yourself.
  5. Choose the command or macro name and drag to the toolbar location.
  6. Choose Modify Selection, actions and continue as before.

Your toolbar now contains the buttons that you want to keep handy.

You can rearrange buttons or remove them from your toolbar very easily. Simply depress the ALT key while you drag the button left, right or down.

(c) Carol Bratt, all rights reserved. Used with permission. Duplication forbidden without consent of author. Visit Carol's site to learn more tips like this one!

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