Change Image Control Settings: MS PowerPoint

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After you insert a picture and have selected it, you can change it from colored to black and white, adjust the contract or alter the brightness of the image. You can use the toolbar or access the dialog box for more control.

To use the mouse, follow these steps:

  1. To change a picture in one of the following ways, click the Image Control button and select one of the options:
  2. Automatic - Restores the picture's original colors.
  3. Grayscale - Shades of gray.
  4. Black and white - Changes your image to pure black and white.
  5. Watermark - Converts the picture to preset levels of brightness and color contrast to create a transparent image that you might use for a task such as placing a company logo behind a presentation title.
  6. To increase or decrease the level of contract, repeatedly click one of the Contrast buttons.
  7. To increase or decrease the brightness, repeatedly click one of the Brightness buttons.

To use the menus, follow the steps below:

  • Access the Format Picture dialog box and click the Picture tab.
  • Now you can change the Image Control color, drop down the Color list and choose a variation.
  • To change the picture's brightness, drag the slider right to lighten, left to darken, or enter an exact number in the relevant box. The higher the number, the brighter your picture will be.
  • To change the color contrast, drag the slider or enter a number in the box.

To recolor various components of the picture click Recolor and make the desired change in the Recolor Picture dialog box.

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