T-Mobile Wing Features Latest Windows Mobile OS

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Recently, T-Mobile USA launched the first cell phone in America that comes equipped with Microsoft's latest version of Windows Mobile. The upgrade features better handling of emails and boasts tougher security features.

The cell phone is labeled The T-Mobile Wing and will come with a price tag of $299 for a two-year contract with T-Mobile. (Source: pocketpccentral.net)

Windows Mobile 6 is the latest operating system designed specifically for "smart" phones. The system is able to manage emails, file documents and even has a web browser, in addition to the standard telephone service.

Microsoft's interest in the cell phone market comes as a result of many other technology-based companies experiencing high levels of success in this field; namely Research in Motion with their Blackberry, Palm with their Treo, and Apple, with the hype alone surrounding their forthcoming iPhone, which is expected to be released this summer. (Source: usatoday.com)

The advances made in the new version of Windows Mobile can be best described as progressional and far from revolutionary. The system allows users to set up and receive email instantly from Windows Live Hotmail and also gives users access to MSN Messenger.

Microsoft has also invested a significant amount of time upgrading their current security features to make the service more appealing to corporate users. Those who will purchase the T-Mobile Wing are also encouraged to use Vista, so that lost or stolen data can be retrieved by the user, and limit the reliance on an IT professional. (Source: usatoday.com)

Windows Mobile 6 can also send and receive email whose readership is controlled by Information Rights Management. This service ensures that only the user is able to access and read their own private emails.

In addition, The T-Mobile Wing features a 40-key keyboard that slides out from underneath the 2.8-inch touch screen, while also allowing users to search remotely stored emails and corporate address books. (Source: pocketpccentral.net)

The Wing will be able track down and connect to WiFi hotspots, ensuring Internet capability for the modern-day, traveling individual.

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