Illustrate Data Tables Using MS Excel

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When you want to show the data represented by your Excel chart, you can add a data table to the chart by selecting the Data Table tab in the Chart Options dialog box.

You cannot though, use data tables with XY charts, pie charts, doughnut charts, radar charts, bubble charts, or surface charts.

Data tables' formatting options are also limited compared to actual data cells. To overcome these limitations, you can include a picture of the actual data cells in your chart.

Follow the steps below to insert a picture:

  1. Select the data range you want to include with your chart.
  2. Click to Edit | Copy.
  3. Click outside the Plot Area in the Chart Area where you want to place the picture.
  4. Click Shift and click Edit.
  5. Click Paste Picture.

Be aware though that the pasted picture does not update if a change occurs in the original data range.

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