Red Hot: Acronis True Image 11 Released!

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Note: The discount link is currently active but this deal could end at -- literally -- at ANY TIME! When Acronis decides to pull the plug on this promo -- that's it! See below for details.


Q: What is the most reliable and easy-to-use backup and system image suite for MS Windows?

A: Acronis True Image!

If you've been subscribed to infopackets for any length of time, you've undoubtedly seen a program called Acronis True Image regularly mentioned in our newsletter.

Well, have I got some news for you!

Today I received a message from Acronis announcing the much anticipated release of True Image version 11. "Most excellent!" I thought to myself -- I've been feverishly waiting to get my hands on version 11 for quite some time.

What exactly is Acronis True Image?

If you're not familiar with Acronis True Image (ATI), allow me to sum up its best features.

First off, True Image isn't just a backup program -- it's MUCH more than that! What makes ATI so unique compared to run-of-the-mill backup programs is that in addition to backing up personal files, it also has the capability to take a snapshot of your entire hard drive -- including the operating system -- and store it into a single, archived backup file, called an Image Backup.

" It would not be fair for me to say that other imaging programs are no good as I have only ever used Acronis True Image. I have only ever used Acronis because it does everything that I want ... and has yet to fail. Very few programs can be called essential -- True Image is one of them. " ~ Infopackets Reader John B.

What else can Acronis True Image do?

  • Clone backup: archive your internal hard drive to another, external hard drive (backup) unit. If the internal hard drive dies, you can boot from your external backup unit lickity split. This is the ultimate backup plan -- not to mention a HUGE time saver! No more backing up onto CD or DVD -- just set it and forget it!
  • Easy Migration: running out of space and need to upgrade your PC to a bigger hard drive? No problem! You can also use the cloning feature to transfer data from an old hard drive to a new hard drive. It's easy!
  • Boot from Rescue CD: most -- inferior -- backup programs run within Windows. So what if Windows becomes inoperable? Normally you'd be SOL (sorry out of luck!) -- but not so with Acronis True Image! If Windows suddenly became inoperable, simply insert the Rescue CD and restore your PC.

" I had a problem with my computer of unknown cause ... [which prevented me from using] any programs, Internet, or email. I attempted to use Norton's GoBack, and it failed to remedy the problem. I also tried to use Microsoft's System Restore, and didn't help either. I then used Acronis True Image which I had just installed a week earlier to duplicate my harddrive (just incase something like this would happen). I was able to access True Image in Safe Mode, and restore the backup image to my hard drive with success. It did the complete restore process of 45 GB (including check for errors) in about 2 hours. Earlier trial of TrueSync software took 13 hours for a backup, whereas True Image took only 1 hour. " ~ Infopackets Reader Robert G.

Acronis True Image 11: Download

I could go on and on about how great Acronis True Image is and then convince you that you'd be SIMPLY CRAZY not to own this essential software -- so let's get to the point, shall we?

Remember I told you about the email I received earlier? As it turns out, the folks over at Acronis are offering 40% off the retail price ($49.99) to all Infopackets Readers who upgrade to the latest version of True Image Version 11!!!

Update 9/16/2008: The discount link is currently active but this deal could end at -- literally -- at ANY TIME! When Acronis decides to pull the plug on this promo -- that's it!

If you don't already own True Image, you have absolutely no reason not to jump on this deal -- because this is without a doubt THE BEST backup program on the market ... not to mention Acronis only has deals like this once in a blue moon!

Plus there is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee backed by Acronis if you are not completely delighted!

" For me, [True Image] works like a dream -- I now make a full image backup *before* I start making serious changes or alterations to my system [including any recently downloaded programs that may harm the stability of my PC] ... True Image has proven to be a lifebelt on steroids! " ~ Infopackets Reader Ken T.

" I have used Acronis for some time and I wouldn't be without it. I want to be very clear about this -- for me, it has been more than worth every penny I spent on it. " ~ Infopackets Reader Jim X.

Click to find out more about this incredible offer -- including list of new features, using the link below:

Download Acronis True Image 11, now! (new purchase)

Download Acronis True Image 11, now! (40% off upgrade ONLY)

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