All-In-One Computers Are Back in Style

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Meet the all-in-one personal computer! A long since forgotten piece of hardware from the 1980's that combines a monitor and processing unit all in one piece.

All-in-one personal computers have been around for decades, with the original 1984 Macintosh being among the most popular of the models. These all-in-one computers have been efficiently replaced by the more common monitor and tower configuration, because all-in-one computers have always been difficult to repair and upgrade. The failure of one component could dismantle the entire unit. (Source:

Gateway Inc. has decided to rehash the old favorite by offering the first modern all-in-one computer to be released to the public in over four years. The modern dinosaur, Gateway One, will come with a suggested retail price of $1,300 and will be able to fit all of the necessary components needed to make a full-functioning personal computer. The Gateway One will come complete with a 3.6-inch flat-panel monitor, wireless mouse, keyboard and remote control.

As it currently stands, all-in-one computers make up only 2% of all personal computers worldwide. Analysts believe that the number could more than triple to 7% by the year 2015. The market demand for compact and efficient computers has never been greater and most companies are already analyzing their established products to see if they can meet this growing trend. (Source:

A number of rival companies have also released similar products. Sony created the Vaio, which has computer parts that can be tucked away behind a flat-panel monitor and hung on a wall. Hewlett-Packard updated their TouchSmart PC which features a touch-activated screen. Apple, the company that has been regarded as the originator of all-in-one computers, has even tried to help out the market in the past, with the 1998 introduction of the iMac.

Those who have a stake in the all-in-one computer market have cited their progression as tentative but positive.

Hewlett-Packard claimed that their TouchSmart PC was a resounding success because its sales far exceeded any initial expectations, especially considering that the system came with a steep $1,799 price tag. In 2007, sales for the product quintupled when compared to the same figures in 2006. (Source:

If the numbers are any indication, Gateway has picked the most opportune time to introduce their Gateway One to the all-in-one computer market.

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