Apple's Dark Horse Gallops Ahead

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Think things are going just 'pretty good' for Apple? That may not be the half of it, considering recent reports that one of the company's major hardware products is exploding in popularity. In fact, the hot 'n heavy item might just surprise you.

We all know that the iPod and iPhone are ripping apart the competition this holiday season. That's hardly unexpected considering the slick MP3 player's entrenched position in the digital music market and the long, long lineups last summer for just a glimpse of Apple's new communicator. However, the company's Macinstosh line of computers has traditionally been less in-your-face -- until now.

According to research from RBC Dominion, Apple is currently enjoying a "massive Mac Christmas quarter," with shipments predicted to rise 9 per cent quarter over quarter and then an astounding 47 per cent year over year. The impressive statistics have been reflected in price targets for Apple as set out by analysts. Those totals have risen from $205 USD to $215 USD as Apple's market share with the Mac climbs to 3.7 per cent. Across the board, market share figures are increasing for the Cupertino-based company. (Source:

Granted, none of these stats are quite as impressive as the domineering digital devices Apple boasts in the MP3 player market. However, there's the chance the Mac can one day chip away at PCs and become something just as great as the iPod.

It seems the iPhone is already showing signs of such glory. Its momentum has been described as "solid" in Europe, with increased demand expected in coming quarters. RBC's predicted sales for the iPhone are a staggering 12.5 million by the end of calendar 2008. That's two and a half million higher than Apple's own prediction for the slick new toy. (Source:

You've got to give them credit, Apple continues to remind consumers and analysts alike that they're here (in just about every hardware market) to stay.

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