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Attention all MS Office users --

Frustrated by MS Word? Excel just doesn't seem to add up? Feel powerless using PowerPoint and MS Outlook?

Enough already!

Learn MS Office: The Easy Way

Our very own Carol Bratt has done it again -- and just in time for the holiday season! Whether you're an MS Office veteran or just beginning to learn the ropes, Carol's new Tips and Tricks eBook series on MS Office 2007 is just for you!

If you've ever used the cumbersome help menu in any of the MS Office suites, then you know just how frustrating it can be when you can't find what you're searching for, or the function you're trying to learn isn't clearly explained. But there's a simple solution: Carol will lay it all out for you -- so you can get from point A to B lickity split -- all the while keeping your sanity in check!

Who is Carol Bratt?

Carol Bratt isn't a self-proclaimed MS Office Guru -- she's the real deal. She's a Microsoft Certified Professional who has plenty of experience explaining things in simple English.

You see, Carol isn't a techno-geek: she started her career as a legal assistant and was thrown in at the deep end when the firm's resident IT expert quit. She took over the support role, not because she knew all the computer jargon, but because people knew she could explain things in a way anyone could understand.

Now Carol is a full time writer and trainer, and you probably realize from seeing her daily articles here at Infopackets that she knows exactly what she's talking about!

" Setting margins and tabs in MS Word no longer requires Rocket Science! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! " ~ Shelly P.

" I can always count on you to know the answer and explain it clearly and thoroughly. " ~ Pat B.

Why Everyone Should Read Carol's eBooks

Let's be honest. MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook are very powerful applications packed full of useful features -- features that were designed to make our lives easier. But with so many features, so many options, and so many menus, it can be nightmare trying to figure out how to get anything done!

Sure, MS Office has a Help Menu with instructions that are explained "step by step". But if you're like me, you need some pictures to go along with those instructions. I can't tell you how many times I've used the Help Menu in MS Word and I can't get to the next "step" because I can't find the menu or feature that was explained in the previous step.

It's R E A L L Y aggravating!

This is where Carol's new eBooks shine: she doesn't just tell you what to do, she shows you! And the info is totally up to date for these new editions -- you won't just learn how to do things, you'll learn there are things you didn't even know you could do! These are the guides that Microsoft should have written themselves!

" What would be really great is if we could replace that highly annoying and unhelpful paper clip wizard in MS Office with [Carol]. But for now, your eBook will do just fine! Thanks a million for all the great tips! " ~ Jocelyn S.

" [Carol's MS Office Tips and Tricks 2006 edition] speaks volumes for itself. " ~ Dave A.

MS Office Help: Designed from a Beginner's Perspective

Because Carol deals with real people in the real world, she knows how important organization is. The guides are proof that she follows the most important rule of communication: the writer does the hard work so the reader has it easy!

All four guides start with the most important information: how to use the e-Book format and find your way around the books. Then they cover the very basics, whether it be how to make Outlook your default program for emails or even how to start Microsoft Word. The rest of the tips and tricks follow in a logical, sensible order, and at the end there is a complete list of all the keyboard short cuts.

The guides are just the right length, too. They are jam-packed with useful information, but aren't so bulky that they are intimidating or unwieldy to use.

" Some of your tips in MS word really helped me cut down my time (esp. table of contents). Thanks for that!!! You made my job easier. " ~ Praveen N.

" I can't thank you enough for [your article on] mail merge ... It has refreshed my memory and all is great once again. You have saved me a ton of typing. Again, thank you. " ~ John H.

Who Can Use Carol's Guides?

Microsoft has reportedly shipped 70 million copies of Office 2007 so far. That's a lot of different users, with different needs. The good news is that Carol's books have something for everyone:

  • If you're a first time user, you'll find them an easy way to make Office work for you.
  • If you're an Office veteran, you'll be amazed at the features you never knew existed.
  • If you've just upgraded to the 2007 edition, you'll get to grips with the changes in no time.
  • And if you're an IT professional, you'll find the books show you the simplest way to understand and explain these programs to your colleagues and clients.

" You are absolutely amazing. I am going into the classroom right now to rave about you. And the instruction -- my God, the instructions -- they are terrific!!!!! Thank you so much! " ~ Kathleen L.

"I googled for advice on table of contents hyperlinks, which led me to your book. I bought it and within minutes I had very easy instructions! My problems are solved! ... Many thanks for your help!" ~ John D.

Carol's Tips and Tricks: Microsoft Office 2007 Edition: Features

Each of the guides has dozens upon dozens of tips and tricks to make using the programs easier, more effective, and even plain fun. Here's just a tiny selection of what you'll learn from the guides:

Carol's MS Word 2007 Guide (86 pages):

  • How to use the Track Changes Feature: This has to be the most useful tool in MS Word, but it's just too confusing for most people -- until now!
  • How to customize menus so they work just the way you like
  • The easy way to have up to 20 pieces of information about your document right on hand at the bottom of the screen
  • The quick way to select and highlight several different paragraphs at once -- even when they aren't next to each other. No more tearing your hair out over those pesky numbered lists!
  • How to use different headers and footers for different parts of the document
  • Why MS Word 2007 makes blogging easier than ever

Carol's MS PowerPoint 2007 Guide (57 pages):

  • What's happened to the File Menu
  • How to add comments (for example, when reviewing somebody else's presentation)
  • Why the loop feature is different in the 2007 edition
  • The two different ways to include audio clips (and why you need to choose the right one)
  • Why your files might give away personal details -- and the easy way to make sure it doesn't happen

Carol's MS Excel 2007 Guide (50 pages):

  • Just what's going on with the new-look menu system
  • How to protect your computer from dangerous macros
  • The simple way to make sure your data is valid -- no more confusion when things don't add up
  • Why you need to take an easy step to keep your private details private
  • What on earth Microsoft meant by 'Text Concatenation'

Carol's MS Outlook 2007 Guide (51 pages):

  • How to write a message now but have it sent later
  • Put a face to the name by adding pictures to your contact files
  • Make a distribution list without the hassle
  • Use colors for a one-step solution to keeping track of your different appointments
  • Be sure your contacts know when your message involves a deadline

MS Office 2007 Tips and Tricks: Download

You can get all four of Carol's eBooks -- over 250 pages of demystifying MS Office secrets -- for a very special introductory price of only $29.95! Download Carol's books today and using Microsoft Office won't feel so much like hard work... because you'll have the power to make Office work for you!

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Bonus #1

As additional incentive for our valued readers, Carol has agreed to throw in her previous eBook "MS Office Tips and Tricks 2006 Edition" for only $10 extra! That's 180 pages of tips and tricks on the entire Office 2006 suite for only ten bucks extra -- a $29.95 value!

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