Windows Vista SP1 Causing More Problems

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Not that it should come as any surprise, but Microsoft Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1), Microsoft's first update to (the never ending nightmare known as) Windows Vista, has reportedly been causing more problems for users.

When Windows Vista was released to the public over a year ago, a plethora of users found out that it was riddled with speed and compatibility issues. So much so that even Microsoft executives complained, as revealed by a pending class action lawsuit.

As reported by our own John Lister, Microsoft recently released Windows Vista SP1 as a means to improve performance and security issues. True to form, it has instead caused more problems.

The University of Pennsylvania is advising faculty and students not to upgrade to Windows Vista SP1. Comments from some technology websites show that some users could not begin updating to Vista SP1 at all while others who were able to update their systems had more problems after it was installed.

The Windows Vista SP1 website states that the update will not work if the computer is using a particular device from Intel, Symantec or RealTek AC. Users need to resolve certain software conflicts for these devices before they can begin the update. It also states that SP1 is not compatible with Zone Alarm Security Suite and BitDefender Antivirus.

One user commented on the official Windows Vista Team Blog that the update caused more memory usage than before. Another user stated their computer displayed the 'blue screen of death' and crashed shortly after installing the update. Others who were able to install Vista SP1 noticed only mild improvements in speed.

Extreme Tech tested SP1 using graphics-intensive first-person shooter Crysis and found that the updated version of Vista was only slightly faster than Windows XP, but fell behind XP in a high-resolution setup.

Users experiencing problems can visit Microsoft Support and get free help resolving issues related to the installation of Vista SP1.

Meanwhile, the "Save Windows XP" petition has over 100,000 signatures as the campaign to save Windows XP gains momentum and Apple sales have soared to capture 14% of U.S. PC retail sales. Apparently, I'm not the only one who will be purchasing an Apple next time if Windows XP is no longer available.

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