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You have created the perfect table in MS Word and now you have to put it into MS Excel. You have tried copying and pasting but all of the pretty formatting is gone and it doesn't fit right and it really looks a mess! What do you do now?

Well, this quick and easy resolution will make you look like a star.

Simply paste your text into MS Excel as a picture! Hmmm...how do do that...

  • Copy your text or table in MS Word.  
  • In MS Excel, click on Edit | Paste Special.  
  • In Excel 2007, the latest version, go to the Home ribbon and click the down arrow on the Paste button and select Paste Special from the bottom of the list.   Regardless of which version you are using, you can then select Picture from the list.  
  • Click OK.

Your text (or table) will now be placed in your MS Excel worksheet as a picture floating over the cells.

You will have the same resizing and moving capabilities as any other picture.

Pretty slick, eh?

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