Don't BE Stressed, But Stress It in MS PowerPoint

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Someone recently told me that she really enjoyed creating presentations for her company training sessions, but she really wished there was a way to truly emphasize a graphic, chart, text, etc. to make it really stand out on the screen when she is teaching.

She was surprised and delighted when I told her that I could show her a way to make an object grow right before the eyes of her students!

Follow the steps below so that you can incorporate this into your next presentation:

  • Select the object you would like to optimize and emphasize. In the Slide Show menu, click on Custom Animation.  
  • Click on Add Effect.  
  • Once the menu has opened, go to the Emphasis submenu.  
  • Select Grow/Shrink. If you have decided to emphasize text, the top three choices will also be available for your use. The object and its animation will now appear in the list in the center.  
  • Select the object and you can then make some decisions regarding this choice. As you noted above, Start allows you to tell PowerPoint when to begin the animation. Size will allow you to make some decisions regarding how the object will grow or shrink and the Speed category will all you to tell PowerPoint how fast to make your changes. Once you have set your preferences, you are finished.

Now, there is no way that anyone can miss the point in your presentation!

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