Share your AutoText Entries on a Network

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Hopefully you are all aware of the AutoText feature in MS Word. It allows you to assign text, graphics and other elements to a mnemonic in your MS Word documents and then replace that mnemonic with the expanded text any time you like.

I love this feature. I find myself typing "in the above-captioned case" all the time and so I now use an AutoText named "cap." I only have to type cap and bingo I am finished!

Many companies have asked me to assist them in developing company-specific AutoText entries for them and I have been happy to oblige them. I specialize in law offices and create quite a few for them and they always ask me "How can we share these with everyone on the network?"

The answer is simple: AutoText entries are one of the items stores in MS Word's templates and that means that if you have already developed a set of templates, you just have to make sure that the AutoText entries are included in the templates!

To make the templates with the AutoText entries available to be shared by everyone on the network, you simply place the templates in a shared directory on the network file server.

Users can then either change their MS Word configuration to load the templates when starting or attach the templates to their documents as they see fit.

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