Google Search Appliance Updated

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Google has upgraded its Google Search Appliance, making it better and smaller. The "Google for the office" appliance is a box (previously a rack of 5) that can store and search through 10 million documents. Usually sold to large businesses and government in a refrigerator-sized rack, the new version offers the same punch in a smaller package.

The boxes run on Dell storage hardware but use Google software for searching. New features include greater security encryption and the ability to search in 27 languages and deliver results in 40. The system can also provide notifications when documents are stored by colleagues, allow administrations to tailor search results for different recipient groups, and create email alerts. (Source:

Other new features include native support for Kerberos, "which enables silent authentication; metadata biasing; and advanced reporting features such as exportable daily and hourly result sets, top queries, special feature usage, and more." (Source:

In all, the Search Appliance is just one massive server with a sophisticated search function and a few other fancy doodads thrown in for good measure. However, Google has a large customer base for this product. There are over 10,000 Search Appliance customers, 20,000 enterprise search customers and many more using the hosted search project.

Increased security, better control over search results and email notification mean that the new Search Appliance is bridging the gap between server and network. Companies may find this much more convenient given the volume of documents and information many have to deal with on an everyday basis. The language feature should also bolster international sales, allowing companies in other countries to make full use of the previously inaccessible technology.

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