Seinfeld-Microsoft Ads Continue To Befuddle Critics

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Microsoft has released the second in its new series of adverts that more closely resemble a Seinfeld episode than what one might expect from a software company promoting its newest, most troubled operating system.

The latest instalment runs for a staggering four-and-a-half minutes in its uncut YouTube version, though TV spots will be edited down. Seinfeld and Gates spend time living with a 'typical' American family ending with the pair performing manual labor as punishment after the children frame them for stealing a giraffe.


There's still no mention of specific products; indeed, the only reference to Microsoft is a logo at the end of the advert.

With media coverage and public feedback continuing to fall somewhere between negative and confused, Microsoft is continuing to make clear this is yet another teaser ad, and that the entire series will tell an overall story which promotes the firm's products.

The firm's David Webster, the man behind the Mojave experiment ads, writes on the official Vista blog that the ads are working simply because they are attracting attention. He quoted Oscar Wilde's observation that "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." (Source:

There is some relief for Microsoft stockholders who might be wondering just what's happening with the $300 million marketing campaign. The company has revealed that not all the cash will go on advertising: some of it has been earmarked for hiring 155 full-time 'Windows gurus' to work in stores such as Best Buy. (Source:

They won't be on commission, and officially they'll be working as advisors to help customers decide which products are best for them. But naturally that decision will only involve Microsoft products: any 'guru' who advises a customer to "Get a Mac" will find their tenure pretty short.

What's your opinion?

Has this commercial persuaded you to buy Windows Vista, or has Microsoft completely lost their mind? Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

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