Use a Picture File as a Background in MS PowerPoint

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Sometimes you want to get a little fancy with your PowerPoint presentation. Suppose you had put together a little presentation for Grandma and you wanted to do something special for her. Sure, that snazzy template is great but it won't mean a lot to Grandma.

Wait! I bet Grandma's eyes would light up if she saw her old house in the background of this presentation, wouldn't they?

Follow the steps below to learn how to accomplish this task:

  • To use a picture file, rather than the template's defined background, select Format | Custom Background.  
  • Check the Omit Background Graphics From Master box.  
  • Open the drop-down list above the check box, and select Picture.  
  •  Select the picture file.  
  • Select OK.  
  • Click Apply.

Now that wasn't difficult at all was it? And I bet Grandma is gonna love it!

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