MS Word Table Tips and Tricks

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Ever gotten your table just perfect? Everything is just the way you like it, cell height is perfect and you have text wrap working, every other row is highlighted...then you decide you would like to save it but you have it all full of data!

Rest easy, this is a no-brainer and can be done with ease!Just select your entire table and depress the Delete key -- that's it! All the text and data is gone and you are left with your perfectly formatted table.

Note: Do not use your backspace key as that will delete your entire table.

Now that you have that perfect table saved you can use it for any other purpose. But wait, you really want to move the table to someplace else in your document. Again, this is very easily accomplished.Hover your mouse over your table until you see the move handle in the corner. Simply click and drag your table where you would like it to reside.

Decide you would like another tow at the end of your table?Just click in the last cell of your table and click on Tab.

Want to indent in a cell in your table?Just click CTRL + Tab.

Want to promote or demote a row in your MS Word table?Use your mouse to select the row and click ALT + Shift + Up or Down Arrow.

I know these handy little tips will become second nature to you now!

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