'Power User Guide To Google Chrome', and 'Exploring Time'

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Power User Guide To Google Chrome

Become a keyboard shortcut master, take a peek under Chrome's hood, and customize its behavior and skin with some of the best shortcuts, themes, add-ons, and functionality available for this fun and fascinating new browser from search giant Google.


Exploring Time

Exploring Time is a two-hour, prime-time television event that reveals the unseen world of natural change and probes the deep mysteries of time. Each and every day, whether we notice it or not, an endless current of change occurs without pause, flowing relentlessly on the river of time, through and around us. Surprisingly, we never see the vast majority of these vital processes. In fact we can't see them because these events happen much too quickly or too slowly for our human senses to perceive. Scientists are now opening new windows to this landscape, illuminating nature from the inner workings of atoms to the motions of the stars, from billionths of seconds to billions of years.


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