Internet Explorer 8 to Begin Release as AutoUpdate

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Microsoft plans to start pushing its Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) browser to consumers who have Windows Automatic-Update feature turned on.

Last month, Microsoft released IE 8 for download and said it planned to start notifying users of IE 6 or IE 7 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 through Automatic Update beginning on or about the third week of April this year.

It's worth noting that new versions of software are inevitably buggy and prone to incompatibility problems with other software that has not been discovered and/or documented. Therefore it is not recommended to install the newest versions or releases of software the moment it becomes available -- especially anything that can compromise your online security. (Source:

IE 8 Update Process will be Gradual

Next week, a small percentage of users will see IE 8 in their updates because the update process will be gradual. The code will be downloaded automatically, but users will have to opt in to install the browser or opt to be reminded later. Users of pre-release versions of IE 8 may have been prompted for an update already. (Source:

Businesses will still have the option of preventing the download entirely.

Microsoft's rush to push IE 8 appears to be due to their receding numbers in the ongoing browser war with Mozilla's Firefox and Google's Chrome. Once released, Windows 7 will have IE 8 built in, but users will have the option of turning it off. (Source:

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