Win7 XP Mode Lacks Vendor Support, Microsoft Vexed

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When news of Windows 7's XP Mode was revealed, there was much rejoicing among those who were concerned about legacy support. However, it appears that XP mode won't do everything many hoped it would, and will be unavailable to many Intel users. (Source:

Windows 7's XP Mode (also known as "XPM") is a virtualization feature that will allow some users of Windows 7 Premium to run Windows XP apps in a virtual machine. However, it appears that Microsoft may be rushing a technology that is receiving spotty support from chipmakers Intel and AMD. (Source:

There is a very good chance that businesses buying a fleet of Windows 7 PCs will find out that the processors in those brand new machines do not support virtualization.

XPM Could Be "Vista Capable" Fiasco, Part II

PCs equipped with CPUs that do not support Intel VT (Intel Virtualization Technology) or AMD-V (AMD Virtualization) won't be able to run Windows XP Mode in Windows 7. Most AMD chips reportedly support AMD-V, but Intel chips are more complicated and do not include virtualization support across the board. (Source:

IT managers wanting to run XP Mode in Windows 7 will have to make sure computers have the correct chip installed. An explanation of the XP Mode CPU problem and a list of Intel chips supporting virtualization can be found from ZDNet. Many of Intel's newer chips do not support virtualization.

There is a very good chance that Windows 7 XP Mode could end up being Microsoft's next "Vista Capable" fiasco. Users wishing to purchase versions of Windows 7 capable of running XP Mode will have to pay careful attention to the hardware in their PCs and may end up having to purchase new ones. (Source:

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