Safe Calculator: Encrypts Data, Acts like MS Calc

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A new program called Safe Calculator puts a fresh spin on computer safety: it uses encryption to lock down the system and help protect important information from an attack.

Safe Calculator: How it Works

When active, Safe Calculator appears to be just another standard Windows-based calculator. However, it is designed to take an important piece of documentation, encrypt it and hide it within the application itself, similar to a virtual safe. (Source:

In many ways, computer hackers and house burglars operate in a similar fashion: both enter without consent, wait until the owner is not present and then clear out all valuables before anyone becomes the wiser. If you owned a home, chances are you might keep your valuables locked away in a safe.

No Install Required, Easy to Operate

Many who have used Safe Calculator say that it is very user-friendly and easy to operate. Best of all, the application does not require any installation.

A user simply enters the pre-installed password, clicks a button on the left of the panel and "safe mode" kicks into gear. While in safe mode, all of the calculator buttons change to reveal directional ones needed to walk a user through storing their personal data.

Some classic calculator buttons remain on the screen, but with different connotations. When a user clicks the "+" button while in safe mode, the important file is successfully stored. Pushing the "=" button next confirms this request. After that, the user can execute their file, bring it back from hiding or delete it altogether. (Source:

Safe Calculator: Download

Safe Calculator is a third-party application (not made by Microsoft) and can be downloaded via Note that the site is frequently down, so if you have problems accessing it, try again later.

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