GuruNet: The Answer Engine, Part 2

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Infopackets Reader Jenine S. writes:

" Dear Dennis,

First and foremost, thank you for providing such a commendable publication. I have learned so much from your newsletter since I've been a subscriber. I just finished reading your article on GuruNet and have found it to be an invaluable resource (it's *so* much easier than using Google, and I love Google)! I have a question, however. My sister in St. Louis has AOL 9.0 and has had troubles in the past using some Internet applications. Can you tell me if GuruNet is compatible with AOL? "

Side note: For those of you who missed last week's review, GuruNet acts much like an Internet-based Encyclopedia on steroids. You can use GuruNet to instantly access information on darn near anything (web sites, people, places, things, thesaurus, translate language, etc) without having to weed through Search Engine links to find an answer.

My response:

Yes, GuruNet will certainly work with AOL.

In fact, GuruNet works with any application that is text-based, such as an Internet page, an MS word document, email, or chat, (and the like). As I mentioned in last week's article, GuruNet is invoked only when you place the mouse over top of a word and by pressing ALT + Left Click (I.E.: press ALT on the keyboard at the same time as Left Clicking the mouse).

RE: GuruNet Full vs. Basic Edition

I need to clear a few things up about GuruNet.

As I reported in last week's article, GuruNet comes in multiple flavors: via the web, for Windows), and for Macintosh PCs. All 3 versions of GuruNet are free to use, however, GuruNet offers an extended subscription service, which provides access to their entire library of resources. The folks at have set up a special version of GuruNet which allows Readers to access the extended subscription service for free -- for 14 days.

Simple enough.

Now here's the kicker: if at the end of the trial you decide GuruNet is not for you, you can keep using it, only access to resources will be limited to a "Guest" account. And really, it's not all that limited -- in fact, I think it's pretty substantial. You can see just how much information you'll have under a Guest account by visiting the GuruNet site and typing in your own search (check out this one on Albert Einstein).

I've been using GuruNet for the past week and love it!

As I mentioned before, GuruNet doesn't come bundled with annoying advertising software. And because you can keep on using it even after the full subscription trial is over, you'd be crazy not to use it! You can download the Windows Client directly from GuruNet's web site here (highly recommended).

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