MS Word Injunction to have 'Massive Impact,' PC Makers Say

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Prominent PC makers say Microsoft's warning that the recent MS Word injunction could cause the company and the industry "irreparable damage" is no hype after all. The claim comes as i4i makes it clear it won't be backing down in the fight to protect its patent.

As reported yesterday, Microsoft is asking a court to overturn an order that it stop selling Word in its current form from October 12; it wants the order put on hold until the appeals process is complete. The firm says that the order would cause it "irreparable harm".

That's not an understatement. The term "irreparable harm" has a specific meaning in the law surrounding injunctions, which generally holds that while a legal verdict is in appeal and could still be overturned, those involved shouldn't suffer any punishment which can't be undone -- in this case, a loss of sales.

PC Makers: Injunction will have "Massive Impact"

Two PC makers now say that they too could suffer irreparable harm from the Word sales ban. One says it would have a "massive impact" by forcing it to spend extra cash to remove the program from machines in production and then retest the systems. The other manufacturer worries that a ban could even put people off buying new computers until the case is settled. (Source:

i4i Remains Vigilant in its Patent Dispute

Meanwhile, i4i says it is not surprised that Microsoft filed an appeal, but insists it "will continue to vigorously enforce its patent. [They] firmly believe the jury verdict and judgment were both fair and correct and ... have been vindicated through [the] process." (Source:

The firm also claims that it chose to pursue its claim in eastern Texas because that's where its legal team is based. i4i denies allegations that it specifically picked the venue, rather than Microsoft's home base of Seattle, because Texan juries have a record of awarding big damages in patent cases.

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