'Losethos Operating System', and 'Simple Port Tester'

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Losethos Operating System

Losethos is an interesting and experimental operating system (OS) that some call a really 'souped-up' Commodore 64. It's x86_64, preemptive multitasking, multicore, open source, and public domain. Losethos includes a Live CD image so you can take a test drive before you install. If you're from the days of the beloved Commodore 64 and a self-proclaimed geek, you'll be completely geeked out by the author's demonstration video (requires Media Player browser plugin to play). It's geeky to the 500th factorial!


Simple Port Tester

Simple Port Tester helps users test their communication ports to see if they are open or not with just a few clicks. It tests both TCP & UDP ports.


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