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"I have several Word files that I must combine for a book. The largest file has headers and footers. When I combine files, the footer and header spreads throughout the combined document. How can I combine and isolate headers and footers to one section? Thank you for your assistance!"

My Response:

If you just want the text from a document to be inserted into your current document, you can use an include text field.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  • Insert a pair of field braces by clicking CTRL + F9. Do not insert the braces manually as it will not work.
  • Within the field braces, key in: INCLUDETEXT, followed by a space and then the file path of the document whose text you would like to include in your current document.
  • Then click F9 to update the field.

Hopefully this will resolve your problem.

If, however, you are asking simply how to have different headers and footers on different pages, you will need to use a Next Page Section Break in your document where you combine text.

You can do this by clicking on Insert | Break | Next Page.

Then, when you insert a header in that section, make sure that you click on the Link to Previous button on the Header and Footer toolbar to unlink from the previous header.

If this does not resolve your problem, please let me know.

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