US Gov't Attempted to Hush Whistleblower Site, Report Says

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The U.S. government is being accused of attempting to deliberately take down the whistle-blowing website, approximately two years ago.

This virtual David versus Goliath war came to life after a 32-page classified document written by the Department of Defense (DoD) Intelligence Analysis program was posted on Wikileaks. The document, which was dated March 2008, speaks of the "counterintelligence threat posed to the U.S. Army by the website."

The document accentuates the fact that there is the "possibility that a current employee or mole within the Department of Defense or elsewhere in the U.S. government is providing sensitive information or classified information to" (Source:

Some Sources Were U.S. Gov't Employees has admitted to posting sensitive data on their site, but remains adamant in the fact that the 'leakers' are former U.S. government employees. will not, however, reveal the identity of these anonymous whistleblowers since the protection of these people is one of its primary goals.

The U.S. military is just one of many organizations that have felt the sting of watching their secrets exposed on Other notable organizations include money-laundering Swiss banks, the Church of Scientology and oppressive governments around the world.

Questionable Tactics Revealed

This is not the first time has uncovered questionable ethical tactics employed by the U.S. military. The online forum is also known to have produced a 238-page torture manual used by the U.S. Army at Guantanamo Bay. (Source:

Some critics suggest that the Department of Defense may attempt to gain access to the Wikileaks website in an attempt to uncover the secret mole and deter others from coming forth with potentially damaging news. (Source:

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