Facebook 2009 Revenue Tops $800 Million: Report

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According to a recent report, it appears Facebook had a very, very good year in 2009. It seems the social networking site saw revenue climb $100 million over its revenue plateau for 2008, reaching a figure listed at $800 million.

Reuters cites unnamed sources in its report. These same sources also note Facebook net profits in the tens of millions of dollars, although more specific figures have not been made available.

Facebook CEO: Little Motivation to Go Public

Because it's a private company, Facebook doesn't reveal specific revenue figures. Pressure to sell Facebook shares publically hasn't yet caused the company's executive to bend on that: "We are definitely in no rush," said CEO Mark Zuckerberg. "If you don't need that capital, then all the pressures are different, and the motivations (to go public) are not there in the same way." (Source: pcmag.com)

The Reuters report pegs Facebook revenue considerably higher than earlier estimates from tech blogs like Inside Facebook. Not long ago it suggested the social networking site brought in about $700 million. We all knew Facebook would report figures above half a billion dollars, since company board member Marc Andreessen noted as much late last year. (Source: cnet.com)

Questions Surround Revenue Growth for 2010

The focus now turns to estimates for Facebook's 2010 revenue. Some insiders believe the company could actually top $1 billion, most of which will come from advertising revenue.

However, the company has faced a barrage of criticism over its privacy policy changes and the relationship between member data and company marketing strategies. There's no doubt the $800 million is largely thanks to Facebook's unique strategy of tailoring ads to member interests, but with protests to this tactic rising, it's unclear if this kind of growth will remain a sure thing.

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