Facebook Boosts Security With Remote Logout Feature

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Facebook is beefing up its security by offering a new remote logout feature that allows users to view the computers and other electronic devices connected to the social networking site with the option to disconnect any with a click. Devices can also be permanently disabled from accessing Facebook.

Facebook's decision to introduce the feature is a reaction to recent security threats. Spammers have been using phishing tactics to convince Facebook users to enter their login and password information on fake web pages that look a lot like Facebook's entry screens. (Source: eweek.com)

Facebook Remote Logout Feature Targets Spammers

These same spammers are then using that data to send advertisements to as many of a user's friends as possible, posing as that person. The tactic is effective because most discerning web users are more likely to open a message if they recognize the sender.

Most of the spammy messages are related to bogus free iPad offers. So, if a particularly articulate friend sends along a poorly-worded note with seven exclamation points after the word iPad, it's probably a good idea to delete the message and let that friend know it's time to change their password.

The feature also lets users log out one device from another. Say you just used a public computer to enter Facebook and merely closed the window rather than logging off. You can not only log out from your mobile phone with Facebook access, but if you wanted there's the option to permanently close that link. (Source: pcworld.com)

"End Activity" Option Keeps Accounts Safe

All it takes to do this is to enter Account Settings and looking for the Account Security Section. Those users who've been granted access to the new feature (and not everyone has; it's being gradually introduced) can see where've they accessed their account and "end activity" on their previous sessions.

It's also a good way of seeing if one's account has been hacked and accessed from somewhere else.

Industry research analysts at Gartner are impressed. "It provides you with a visual indication of which devices currently have sessions open with your user profile," said the company's research director, Andrew Walls.

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