Amazon: Windows 7 Mega Deal to End Dec 31

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Update 2010/12/28: The Windows 7 Discount Link is further down the page in a box similar to this one. You may continue reading the article to find out more about this offer, or click here to access the Windows 7 discount though now. Non-USA users, please read this page.

Microsoft's popular Windows 7 Family Pack deal finally appears to be nearing the end, approximately 1 month later than last year's offering. On the product's web site, a definitive message stating that "This product is available for a limited time and will be available to purchase until December 31, or while supplies last." (Source:

Install Windows 7 On Up to 3 PCs for Dirt Cheap

The super-saving software pack, which allows users to install Windows 7 Home Premium on up to 3 PCs for less than $150, has been offered since October of this year.

When the Family Pack isn't on sale, it normally retails for over $385, a whopping $235 dollars more than the current sale price. Many retailers including Best Buy, Wal-Mart, and similar began offering the Windows 7 Family Pack for $150, but it could be found for even less: Amazon, for instance, sold the product for just $129.99.

Upset Consumers Lose Out On Win7 Family Pack

This isn't the first time we've seen the Windows 7 Family Pack. Last year Microsoft ran the deal for approximately 6 weeks, and then it disappeared without notice, leaving a whack of consumers upset. At that time, it appeared the Family Pack "sold out," but this year it seems Microsoft is giving us a firmer end date for the deal.

It's hard to imagine a better deal when it comes to software. With the proliferation of gift cards, this might be the best way to spend some Best Buy or Amazon credit this boxing week.

The Family Pack is also a good idea for Microsoft. Offering such a bargain not only ramps up interest in Windows 7 (which is rapidly catching up with its predecessor, Windows XP), but also creates good feeling around the software company itself.

Purchase Windows 7 Family Pack, Save Big

The Windows 7 Family Pack can be purchased through using this link.

Non-USA customers, please read this page on how you can get the Family Pack using the US dollar price.

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