Google Street View Captures Woman in Birthday Suit

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Here's a new reason to make sure you're covered up when wandering outside your house: Google Street View might just be watching. Recently, a Florida woman was caught naked outside her home and it took some time before the image was finally blurred out.

Google's Street View was introduced about four years ago. Although originally used for just a few cities in the United States, today it offers a 3D perspective of city streets for a wide range of urban environments around the globe.

Handy App or Intrusive Nuisance?

Street View is extremely handy when preparing to visit an unknown locale, because unlike the standard Google Maps search, it allows users to actually see their destination on screen. It can also help users figure out which side of the road their destination is on, something that isn't always apparent with Google Maps, or Mapquest.

Google uses specially-designed cars with mounted cameras to take the pictures necessary for the tool. It then mounts them on the site so that users can spin around and get a 360-degree perspective of the location in question.

Of course, once in a while that means Google catches some surprising images. It may be safe to say that this most recent shot tops them all.

Google Finally Blurs Image

It's unclear when the picture was taken by Google, but for an indefinite amount of time the image of a Miami woman standing completely bare and holding a white water jug outside her home has been available via the Street View tool.

Not until that image was discovered by The Smoking Gun blog and displayed on its website did Google bother to blur out the image. (Source:

Luckily for the woman, at no point was her face clear enough to form a positive identity. However, there was no mistaking the fact that she did, indeed, have not a stitch of clothing on her body at the time.

"It used to be you could contemplatively hold a water jug naked outside of your... house without fear that your photo would end up on the Internet," reported the Miami New Times. "Used to be." (Source:

Ah, the times they are a changing.

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