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Synopsis: Have trouble remembering all your passwords? Darn! Passwords! Pro keeps track of all those pesky passwords you need for the Internet, online services, financial sites, and other secure programs. All you need to do is remember one 'Master' password, and Darn! Passwords! remembers all the rest! It remembers web site addresses of password-protected web sites -- just pick the password, and drag it into the program or web site that requires a password. It's that simple; no retyping is necessary. For those programs that do not accept the drag and drop feature, you can just paste the password in. Darn! Passwords! Pro simple to use interface makes using your passwords convenient, fun, and easy!

Darn! Passwords! Pro: Screenshots

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Darn! Passwords! Pro: Features

  • Keeps track of all those pesky passwords you need for the Internet, on line services, financial sites, and other secure programs
  • You remember one 'master' password. Darn! Passwords! remembers all the rest
  • Password generator can make up passwords for you
  • Remembers URLs of password-protected web sites, and takes you to them
  • Drag your passwords from Darn! Passwords! to the programs you need them for
  • Strong Encryption with 3 Security Options
  • Password Bar keeps DP out of the way
  • Multiple Vault Files (stores your passwords in separate categories)
  • Vault Converter to make your vault even more secure
  • Vault Viewer - Confirms your vault's contents

Darn! Passwords! Pro: Compatibility

Darn! Passwords! runs on Windows95, Windows98, Windows ME, NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home and Professional. You need Internet Explorer version 5 or later to use the AutoUpdate feature.

Darn! Passwords! Pro: See it in Action

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Darn! Passwords! Pro: Download

Darn! Passwords! Pro is free to try and $24.95 to buy.

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