'Back to the Future' DeLorean Car Goes Electric

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If you're a big fan of the 'Back to the Future' movies, you'll be very pleased to hear that the company which produced the films' iconic vehicle, DeLorean, will soon release an electric version of the slick ride. Called the DMCEV, the car will go into production in 2013 and cost $90,000.

The exotic DeLorean, complete with hard edges and gulf-winged doors, is undoubtedly a big part of 1980s pop culture. Featured in all three 'Back to the Future' films, the vehicle has remained a cult favorite in the years since.

The DeLorean Motor Co., which is based in Humble, Texas, to this day continues to produce its signature car by using 80 per cent classic and 20 per cent modern parts. Back to the Future enthusiasts can get their hands on the sweet ride in gas-guzzling form for just under $60,000.

DMCEV Concept Gets Big Houston Unveiling

DeLorean Motor Co.'s decision to go electric wasn't made recently, says company CEO Stephen Wynne.

"I've always been very interested in electric cars, but once the Tesla was released, we jumped on," Wynne said. "We actually started the [project] about 4 years ago and finally got it together this year." (Source: cnbc.com)

The electric DeLorean, or DMCEV, got its first unveiling at the recent International DeLorean Owners Event in Houston, Texas. There, enthusiasts gained a closer look at the vehicle, which reportedly boasts 260 horsepower and can reach speeds of 120 miles per hour. It's not exactly time-shiftingly quick, but certainly fast enough to arouse the excitement of Back to the Future fans.

The DMCEV shown off in Houston isn't the final version, however. This concept remains substantially heavier than the gas version, and before its ultimate release DeLorean Motor Co. says it's doing everything possible to bring that weight down. Wynne says part of the process will involve using more fiberglass parts and less steel.

Pre-Orders Already Coming In

One thing's for certain: the Houston event has aroused plenty of interest amongst the DeLorean's massive fan base.

"Yesterday the phone never stopped ringing all day," Wynne noted. "Two times over the past day our websites crashed with the activity, and we're getting media requests from all over the globe."

Wynne says people are already offering cash for pre-orders, two years in advance for a car that, originally, only shipped during a three-year window roughly twenty-five years ago. (Source: abcnews.com)

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