Symantec Norton 360 Gets Win8, Multi-Platform Overhaul

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Symantec has unveiled three new versions of its popular security software, Norton 360. The three releases include Norton 360 Version 6 (compatible with the upcoming Windows 8 beta), Norton 360 Everywhere, and Norton One.

Each of the three versions offer something different.

For example, Symantec boasts that Norton 360 Version 6 will provide a download option to support the Windows 8 beta edition whenever that new operating system becomes available to the public, which is reportedly due this summer.

Compatibility with Windows 8 Beta a "Priority," Symantec Says

"We're making it a priority to [do] whatever updates are necessary to maintain compatibility with all Windows 8 beta product builds," said Collin Davis, Symantec's senior director of engineering. (Source:

Making a special version of its software especially for prospective Windows 8 beta users is important to many, since testing out a new operating system, while exciting, also tends to arouse security concerns.

Version 6 also offers online storage capabilities and a number of performance improvements that should help a computer consume fewer system resources, such as memory and processing power, just to operate the security software.

Single License For Multi-Platform Install

Norton 360 Everywhere is designed for a wide range of devices, from Windows PCs to Apple Macs, and even Android mobile gadgets.

Purchasing a single license key will allow users of, say, a Lenovo laptop, Apple iMac, and Android tablet to install the Norton 360 package on all three devices.

In essence, the new Norton 360 Everywhere security software makes one product out of three existing and independent products: Norton 360 Premier (for Windows), Norton Internet Security for Macs, and Norton Mobile Security for Android. (Source:

Norton One Customers First in Line for Tech Support

Norton One is the company's "premium" security suite. It lets users seeking telephone support bypass the line of people on hold waiting for help.

The company promises hold times of no more than two minutes for Norton One customers.

Although Norton One boasts many of the same features found in Norton 360 Everywhere, Symantec describes this new package as "easy set-up, fast friendly service, personalized communications, proactive help, and exclusive member offers." (Source:

Pricing of the three new products varies, with the cost to consumers ranging from $89 for Norton 360 Version 6 to $149.99 for Norton One.

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