'TCC LE 13.03 Build 49', and 'LXiMedia Center 0.3.3'

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TCC LE 13.03 Build 49

Take Command is a comprehensive interactive toolkit for both the Windows' Graphical User Interface (GUI) and the Windows command line that promises to make Windows easier to use and far more powerful. Take Command includes: 1) optional Explorer-style integration, 2) tabbed console windows, 3) major enhancements to standard Windows command line instructions, such as COPY, DEL, and MOVE, 4) 140 new commands, 5) improved command line editing, 6) more than 460 internal variables and functions, and thousands of other features. If Windows doesn't do everything you want it to do, TCC LE may be able to help.


LXiMedia Center 0.3.3

LXiMediaCenter can be used to play media files through a PC out over a local network to display on a television, game console, or media center. LXiMediaCenter is extremely compatible with other systems and with a large range of devices. It works by converting all media files to a standard MPEG2 stream that can be played on almost any device.


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