Windows 8 Start Button: Samsung Puts It Back In

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One of the more controversial aspects of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 operating system (OS) is the absence of a Start button.

Windows users have become accustomed to this point of reference, which can be used to quickly launch applications, find files, and access various control menus within the OS. Reviewers have made a lot of noise lamenting the missing Start button in Windows 8.

Now, Samsung appears ready to appease buyers of its own Windows 8 PCs by offering them what Microsoft won't: a Start button.

Samsung Unveils Wide Range of Windows 8 Devices

This week Samsung has taken to the web to show off a number of Windows 8-based devices. The company used Facebook to tease consumers with a picture of a slick-looking Windows 8 tablet computer under the tag line "Ready to be Smart?"

The Windows 8 tablet ad also includes the information "IFA 2012, Berlin," suggesting Samsung plans to formally unveil the device at the upcoming IFA consumer electronics show scheduled for Germany. (Source:

Samsung Windows 8 Desktop PCs Feature Custom Start Button

Despite the hoopla over the tablet computer, in recent days Samsung's Windows 8 desktop PCs have been drawing even more attention. Samsung recently showed off three of these devices, priced at $749, $1,099, and $1,699.

Specifications -- including RAM, hard disk space, screen size, and processor power -- vary with the price.

Samsung is keen on making these devices easy to use. In order to keep traditional users of the Windows OS happy, the company has built these new devices with their own Start buttons.

Most Windows 8 PCs Lack Start Button

According to the Associated Press via USA Today, Samsung's Start button is a special feature that won't be found on most other Windows 8 PCs. The report suggests that Samsung saw problems with Microsoft's decision to remove the Start button in the first place.

"In an effort to minimize the potential frustration caused by Windows 8's new look, Samsung built its own optional start button that can be used to pull up a menu of applications," the report reads. (Source:

Reports also indicate that Samsung's special Start button will allow users to quickly and easily access their most frequently used applications and menus.

Samsung is expected to unveil more Windows 8 products in the coming weeks.

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