Windows 8: Promotional Pricing Ends Soon

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Upgrading from an older Microsoft operating system (OS), like Windows 7, to Windows 8 is about to get a whole lot more expensive. The changes are set to take effect on February 1, 2013.

Right now, it costs just $39.99 to upgrade from Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP to Microsoft's newest OS, Windows 8. People who tried beta versions of Windows 8 can also upgrade from that test edition to the commercial release of the new OS for the same price.

This promotional price was first announced last July, several months prior to Windows 8's October 2013 launch. (Source:

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 8 to Cost $120

After January 31, 2013, however, the price of upgrading to Windows 8 from an older OS will increase to $119.99. To make the change to Windows 8 Pro, the cost will be even higher -- $199.99.

Users of Windows 8 hoping to acquire many of the popular features found in Windows 8 Pro without paying the full price can buy the Windows 8 "Pro Pack" for $99.99.

In addition, Windows 8 Pro users will be asked to pay $9.99 in order to download the Windows 8 Media Center Pack, which allows users to watch DVDs on their computer.

Currently, users of Windows 8 Pro can download Windows Media Center at no charge. (Source:

Price Hikes Unlikely to Help Windows 8's Popularity

These price increases are unlikely to boost Windows 8's popularity. Commenters on tech blog The Verge, for example, voiced their disapproval of the higher prices.

"$200 is a hell of a lot of money for a OS that will probably be gone in a year's time," noted user 'jmlares'. "Fast forward to Feb. 1st and we will see all Windows 8 sales drop like a rock," insisted someone using the handle 'Kizipotamus'. (Source:

While the higher prices may discourage many people from upgrading a Windows 7 machine to Windows 8, they may actually help PC sales by making a new computer already equipped with Microsoft's newest OS seem more attractive.

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