Staples Introduces New Windows 8 Trade-In Deal

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Interested in trading in your iPad, Macbook, or older Windows device for a Windows 8-based computer? Then head on over to Staples, where the retailer is offering up to $400 for older Microsoft and Apple devices.

Here's how the deal, which Staples calls "Trade up to touch," works:

People who buy a Windows 8-equipped touch screen device -- including tablets, all-in-one PCs, or laptops -- from Staples can qualify to trade in an older computer and receive up to $400 off the purchase of their new Windows 8 device.

Windows, Apple Devices Qualify for Trade-In

Those interested in the deal will need to ensure that their new Windows 8 touch screen device is included in a list of qualifying items currently accessible through the retailer's website (you can see the list by clicking here).

The list does include devices from some major PC manufacturers, including Dell, Asus, Lenovo, and Hewlett-Packard (HP). The devices run Windows RT, standard Windows 8, or Windows 8 Pro. (Source:

You will also need to ensure that the device you want to trade in qualifies (and that list can be found by clicking here). The list includes Windows-based netbooks and notebooks as well as Apple iPads, iPad Minis, and Macbooks.

Staples to Examine Trade-Ins Before Issuing Payment

The basic requirements for the deal: the device being traded in must be in working condition and needs to be accompanied by a power supply and functional battery.

Staples will then consider the age and type of the device to determine how much you'll receive in the "trade up." No one will receive more than $400, while the minimum payout for accepted devices is about $100.

Once the deal is completed, Staples distributes a shipping label which you attach to a package containing your older device. Your trade-in must be sent within 30 days of the purchase of the newer Windows 8 device. (Source:

Staples says it will then evaluate the condition of the device and if it's found to be working, will send out a payment.

Staples' "Trade up to touch" deal lasts until April 27, 2013. Right now it's only available to residents of the United States.

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