Bill Gates' Personal Data Exposed by Hackers

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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has had his credit information exposed by hackers. It's only the latest in a string of similar attacks launched against celebrities in recent weeks.

According to reports, Gates' personal financial information was acquired by hackers and then shared online. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is currently trying to figure out how the data was accessed and who was responsible for the attack.

Somewhat ironically, the attack occurred on the same day that Bill Gates discussed pressing cyber security threats with the Washington Post newspaper.

Security Answers Found Online: Reports

Reports indicate that hackers gained access to Gates' information by answering a few straightforward security questions. It's believed the answers to these questions were found online.

As mentioned, Gates isn't the first celebrity to suffer this kind of an attack. In recent weeks First Lady Michelle Obama, FBI Director Robert Mueller, and Vice President of the United States Joe Biden have all had their personal financial information accessed by hackers.

Also targeted: actors Mel Gibson and Ashton Kutcher; musical artists Jay-Z and Beyonce; and public personalities Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. (Source:

In total, it's estimated that roughly thirty celebrities have been hacked in recent weeks. Their financial information has since been posted to a website operated by an unknown hacker group that may be based in Russia.

Aside from stealing and posting credit reports, the hackers have also plastered unflattering pictures of targeted celebrities on their website.

Guard Your Data, Experts Warn

Although celebrities have been the target of this particular hacker organization, security experts are reminding everyone that this can happen to anyone. To protect yourself, experts suggest limiting the amount of personal information you post online. (Source:

That means being extremely careful with the amount of personal data you post to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networking websites. Think of it this way: would you want a hacker to know your address or phone number?

Then don't post it.

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