Microsoft Offering $200 For Your Used iPad

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Microsoft says it will pay you $200 for your used iPad. Clearly, the firm hopes you will put the money towards buying its own tablet computer, the Surface.

The payment comes in the form of a gift card for Microsoft's retail locations, both online and off.

Although Microsoft suggests you use the money to purchase a Surface, those who take the firm up on its offer could also spend the credit on Windows software or its forthcoming Xbox One video game console.

While you can spend the gift card on Microsoft's online store, you'll have to take your old iPad to an actual Microsoft store to get the credit. There are currently 75 of these stores in the US across 30 states. The deal is also valid in Microsoft stores in Canada and Puerto Rico. (Source:

Original iPad Not Included In Deal

The deal is valid with the iPad 2, 3, or 4. Microsoft isn't extending the deal to the original iPad or the iPad Mini.

Microsoft says people taking them up on the offer will get at least a $200 credit. However, the company doesn't say how you could get more; for example, by turning in an iPad with a higher memory capacity.

To qualify, the iPad must be "gently used", must include the power cord, and can't be password protected. Microsoft has described the program as 'recycling' but hasn't detailed exactly what it will do with the used iPads it receives.

Tip: eBay May Be A Better Place to Sell Your iPad

But is this really the best deal you can get on a used iPad? Nope -- many experts are suggesting consumers sell their devices on eBay instead.

The deal runs until October 27, 2013 -- which just happens to be about one week after the rumored release date for Microsoft's 'Surface 2'.

This is by no means the first time a retailer has enticed consumers with an iPad trade-in deal. A few months ago Best Buy offered $200 gift cards for iPads, but in that case the suggestion was that you spend the money on the new iPad 4. (Source:

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