Mini Halo Champ Makes it Big in Gaming Universe

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Here's one for the weird files --

Not only is Victor De Leon synonymous with Halo 2's most prominent game artist, it's also the real name of Halo's tiniest gunslinger. Just recently, reports have surfaced about Halo's 8-year old phenom, "Lil Poison," a frag master who is making some serious waves in the gaming world.

Little Victor De Leon is officially a professional gamer, and might just be the world's youngest. Although he has to shave down the thumbsticks on his Xbox joystick to use them effectively, the tyke has been kicking arse at Microsoft's flagship game for a few years now.

Halo became an overnight phenomenon when it was released with the original Xbox in the winter of 2001. At the time it launched Microsoft's first console into second place just behind Sony's immensely popular Playstation 2, and well ahead of Nintendo's kiddy Gamecube. The Xbox was most popular amongst hardcore and mature gamers, but don't tell that to Lil Poison.

De Leon was just five when he was recruited by Major League Gaming, perhaps the most famous society of professional gamers. Soon Lil Poison was noticed by popular gaming site, who quickly saw the appeal of a miniature Master Chief (Halo's hero). It's been a year now, and De Leon still frags six hours a day on Xbox Live with sponsoring his every shot. (Source:

The strange bit? When I used Google to search for other details on little Victor De Leon, a number of hits came up for Vic De Leon, one of the most prominent artists for Bungie (creators of the Halo franchise).

Now that would be a good deathmatch, no? (Source:

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