New iOS 8 Release Plagued with Frequent Crashes

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One of Apple's most fascinating new products is the recent release of iOS 8, the mobile operating system (OS) that is at the heart of its many devices, including: the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Apple TV. Unfortunately, new reports suggest that iOS 8 is far less stable than its predecessor, iOS 7.

Apple unveiled iOS 8 back in June, with the new mobile operating system finally being released on September 17, 2014. There's no doubt that iOS 8 has many exciting new features, including: an updated version of the Siri hands-free system, interactive notifications that let users respond to instant messages without leaving their current app, and a Touch ID platform that allows users to make purchases with only a fingerprint. (Source:

New iOS 8 Suffers From Alarming Crash Rate

These new features make iOS 8 a nice companion to the newly released iPhone 6. However, recent reports suggest the new mobile operating system may not have been ready for prime time. Mobile analytics firm Crittercism reports that applications currently running in iOS 8 are crashing 65 per cent more frequently than they do in iOS 7.

As of this week, apps using iOS 8 were reportedly crashing roughly 3.3 per cent of the time. That's substantially higher than iOS 7's crash rate, which is approximately 2 per cent. Crittercism says the situation is worse for users using an older version of the iPhone, such as the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5.

Analysts Explain iOS 8' Rough Start

Apple has not yet responded to the Crittercism report. However, some analysts are eager to defend iOS 8, suggesting that there are new bugs to be expected in any new major release of an operating system. The same analysts note that Apple has had a year to improve iOS 7's stability (released September 18, 2013) and in time, iOS 8 should perform around the same given a similar time frame. (Source:

While the explanation makes sense, it's little consolation for those who lose valuable work when their iPhone unexpectedly crashes.

What's Your Opinion?

Do you own an iPhone and have you been using iOS 8 in recent days? Do you find it to be a relatively stable mobile operating system? Do you think consumers should be willing to overlook a higher crash rate and incompatibilities in the days and weeks after a major operating system release?

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For those who have asked for my assistance in resolving iOS 8 issues:

I'm not an Apple expert, but from what I understand: it is possible to downgrade devices from iOS 8 back to iOS 7 if you are experiencing issues, but doing so is not supported by Apple and may result in data loss.

From what I've read online, iOS updates not only change the operating system (software), but the device's firmware as well, which controls the device's hardware.

If you're fearless and insist on attempting a downgrade, you can search Google for "ios 8 downgrade," or similar.

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I believe Apple's recent spate of shooting itself in the foot episodes is stemming from power struggles within the company.

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Hmmm "it's little consolidation"! Really?

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It is unfortunate that we have become a nation of mediocrity. I believe there used to be a time when Apple (or any other American corporation) would have been ashamed to publish a product with so many flaws. I believe they would have spent a little more TIME perfecting the product and then release to the public, with there head held high. I also believe the time is gone where WE the public would not have accepted such an offering so blissfully.