'KeePass Password Safe 2.28', and 'Unchecky Beta 0.3'

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KeePass Password Safe 2.28

Security experts recommend you use a different password for every one of your accounts. That's a lot of passwords to remember! KeePass can help you manage all of these passwords by storing all of them in a single, secure place.


Unchecky Beta 0.3

It seems like every time you try to download software there are offers to download other programs. In some cases, these programs are presented to you with checkmarks next to them, meaning they'll be installed by default if you don't uncheck them. Unchecky can help with that by keeping those download checkboxes clear.


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I fully agree with the need for a password tracking service due to everything needing its own password. I used KeePass for awhile but one day it hiccuped and I couldn't access them. As it had no backup mechanism, I was hooped. However, I did manage to open later, clumsily, so I copied out all the data.

I now use LastPass. The basic version for unlimited passwords is free. Its stored encrypted online and is easy to back up. No one else ever has access but you can access your passwords via your smart phone, computer, etc. Then one password is all you need to remember.

I'd also make the reminder comment to always use a unique password for every site. If you use the same one everywhere and one site gets hacked, you've just exposed everything.

Further, "log in with" buttons to make it "easier" by using Facebook or Twitter logins on other sites (including this one) are a Really bad idea. Using them gives them permission to track your activity and site usage everywhere you use the login. I've heard a few horror stories.