'Disk Idle Optimizer', and '10 Things You Should Know About Every Linux Installation'

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Disk Idle Optimizer

Defrag your hard drive with your spare CPU cycles! Optimize all files, or just your boot files, or both. Using the built in disk defragger in Windows XP (SP2 Required), this program senses when your computer is at an idle state and defrags your hard drive. As soon as you begin using your computer again, Disk Idle Optimizer will stop defragging within 20 ms, allowing you to use your PC to its fullest. Does not require the creation of any new services or use of any more resources - uses the API that is already in place. No memory hogs or slowdowns.


10 Things You Should Know About Every Linux Installation

Linux is not Windows, and although there are some similarities, you must realize that there may be a few 'new ways of doing things' to learn before you can be comfortable in Linux. Linux is an open-source clone of UNIX, a secure operating system that predates DOS and Windows and is designed for multiple users. The items in the following list generally apply to any UNIX-based *nix system, such as Linux and the various BSD's.


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