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I downloaded "Mario Forever", a freeware clone to the original Super Marios 3, and -- wow! -- this game is extremely impressive. In fact, it reminds me of all those great games I used to play on Nintendo.

Mario Forever has lots of enemies and levels that get increasingly difficult to navigate. I had trouble getting the gamepad to work properly but the keyboard controls really were very good once I got used to them. I also had a hard time finding the keys for playing it, so I'll tell you that "jump" is the shift key and "run/fire" is the "z" key. The uninstall worked well and I found the program could be copied to another drive or removable media so it can be considered a portable or "stand-alone" game. Mario Forever should work on all versions of Windows with DirectX 7 or better.

I first tried this game in August of last year. The authors recently updated it and decided to give you a nice adware toolbar with the latest version. Thanks, but no thanks!

Fortunately I found a copy of the older freeware version at the Acid-Play website. Make sure to get only the top link to "", version 2.16, and *not* the bottom link to the adware, version 3.5.

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