PBWiki Contest: Get your own Premium Website for One Year!

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Have you ever been tempted to create your own website online? It sure can be a lot of work! Thankfully, there are some web sites that can automate the technical aspect of starting up your own site. One such place is PBWiki.com:

" PBwiki stands for 'Peanut Butter Wiki' [because it's as easy to set up website as making] a peanut butter sandwich! Wikis are easy-to-use web pages that let you collaborate online and share information; [with a PBwiki website, you can] run a project at work, plan a trip with your friends, or even save your recipes and let other people add theirs! " (Source: pbwiki.com)

My PBwiki website was given to me free after I did a little work helping out in their forums. And now I'm passing on the favor to Infopackets Readers to give you all a chance to get your very own free PBwiki website -- just like mine -- for an entire year, free of charge (a $50 value).

How to Win your Own Premium PBwiki

Tell me why you deserve the free PBwiki website; for example: tell me what you're going to use it for and how it will help others [the link to email me is at the end of the article]. I'll review all the contest submissions and announce the winner on February 19th. The winner will receive a PBWiki website with the following features:

  • 1 GB image and file space
  • unlimited number of pages
  • no need to learn HTML
  • no ads or banners on your pages
  • can be kept private or made public
  • is password protected on secure https servers
  • it's a wiki, so your friends can edit it if you give them a password

Why am I doing this? Because I want to share this great web service with everyone, and because using PBWiki has been a real time saver for me.

If you want to find out more about pbwiki websites, feel free to take the tour at:


And last but not least, you can email me your submission here:


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