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Microsoft Jacking Up Netbook Price For Windows

Unconfirmed reports say Microsoft is charging manufacturers much more than expected for the netbook edition of Windows 7. The news comes as a major research analyst picks Google's Android operating system as having the potential to seriously ... challenge Windows on netbooks. According to reports, Microsoft is quoting prices of $45 to $55 for netbook producers to license the Starter edition of Windows 7. That's almost double the price of the equivalent edition to XP. Win7 Price Huge for Netbook OEMs The price difference is significant for low-priced machine like netbooks. In some cases it would ... (view more)

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T-Mobile, Samsung Phones to Adopt Android OS

T-Mobile is planning to use Google's open source operating system " Android " on devices that blur the line between cellphone and home PC. In addition, Samsung says they will also produce Android phones, but need to work out the kinks, first. Both ... announcements come shortly after HP revealed that it is investigating the idea of using Android to power some of its low-cost netbook computers in place of Windows. Home Phone to get Data Features According to the New York Times, T-Mobile is working on two home devices using Android, an open source rival to systems such as Windows Mobile ... (view more)

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HP Netbooks To Favor Google OS, Snub Microsoft

Rumors suggest that Hewlett-Packard (HP) is considering to use the Google Android operating system in their netbook computers . If the rumors are true, the Linux's 10 percent market share could grow faster than ever before. If the Linux-based ... operating system (OS) is considered the underdog in this battle, it should be noted that Linux is simply trying to reclaim the same figures that Microsoft once usurped. Some early netbook models offered a pre-installed Linux-based OS, but when Microsoft slashed the price of its Windows XP Home OS, Linux fell by the wayside. (Source: ) Now the ... (view more)

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Google Android Off to a Good Start

It looks as if the download service for Google's new Android smartphone operating system has had a successful launch. While figures are too hazy to make a firm comparison, first-day figures appear to have beaten the launch day of the Apple iPhone ... Apps store. While the Android system launched with around 10% the number of applications available as the iPhone, a media research firm says nine applications had between 10,000 and 50,000 downloads in the first day. That's compared with just two applications doing in the same range on the iPhone Apps launch. Before you conclude that this marks a ... (view more)


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