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Airport Security Secrets Revealed by Boarding Pass

The barcodes on airline boarding passes may look innocent. However, one security researcher says that a smartphone camera allows anyone to figure out whether or not they'll be selected for a security check. Aviation expert John Butler recently ... noted, via his blog, that the information on barcodes isn't encrypted. (Source: ) Although airport staff use special scanners to read the barcodes, it turns out that a camera phone can scan the barcode and the proper app can convert it to a string of codes. You can then use the Internet to find out what these codes mean. Pre-Check ... (view more)

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Envelope Bar Codes in MS Word 2007

A reader recently wrote to inquire: "Does Word 2007 provide a destination barcode for printing envelopes? If not, is it available from elsewhere?" My reply: You cannot simply check the barcode box in the Envelope dialog any longer, but you can still ... manually insert the { BARCODE } field on your envelope. Having said that, please know that the option has been removed from Word 2007 because the POSTNET codes produced by the BARCODE field were no longer compliant with USPS regulations. See: There are other software add-ins out there both free and paid ... (view more)

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Print Delivery Point Barcodes on Envelopes: MS Word

Many people utilize the Envelopes and Labels feature of MS Word to create their own envelopes. One of the most often overlooked features of this tool, however, is Word’s ability to print delivery point bar codes on your envelopes. The delivery point b ...arcode is used by the sorting machines at the United States Postal Service to help route mail more efficiently. Depending upon what you’re mailing, you can save money on your postage by printing the delivery point barcode on an envelope. To learn more about saving money using this feature, you may visit the US Postal Service website ...ref="/news/1148/print-delivery-point-barcodes-envelopes-ms-word" class="more-link">view more)

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