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How to Fix: Remote Access to Work Computer (Secure)

Infopackets Reader Steve T. writes: " Dear Dennis, I run a small business, and with the COVID-19 pandemic we have been forced to work remotely from home. The problem we are currently facing is that there are important files on our office PC (server) ... that I need to share with other employees. Right now I'm having to send these files by email and it's a nightmare. I've looked into using TeamViewer to connect remotely to another computer , but the fees they charge are quite high. Also, I am worried that if TeamViewer got hacked, someone might be able to gain access to my network. The reason I'm ... (view more)

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GoToMyPC Remote Access Hit By Hackers

Users of remote access tool GoToMyPC will need to reset their passwords as a security measure after an attack by hackers. Although creators Citrix describe it as a "very sophisticated" attack, it's simply another case of hackers targeting people who ... continue to re-use passwords on multiple sites. GoToMyPC is a tool that lets users remotely access their PC or Mac using another computer or mobile device. As with most such tools, the computer being remotely accessed must be switched on and connected to the Internet. The actual system that powers GoToMyPC, and its database of login ... (view more)

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Apple iPad to Support Virtual Windows 7

When a traditional PC user takes his or her first glance at the new Apple iPad : two questions might come to mind: first, "is that design going to work?" and second -- "do I have to use Mac OS X?" Thanks to a company called Citrix Systems, the ... resounding answer, it would appear, is 'no'. According to reports, the company will be bringing a version of Windows 7 to the Apple iPad by route of virtual installation when the much-anticipated device is released later this spring. iPad Display, Resolution Ideal for Virtual Win7 In a blog post earlier this week, Citrix Systems' ... (view more)

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